Once upon a time, the average person had no ability to record or store television. If they wanted to watch a program about satellites or how to become a chartered accountant in Mississauga, they had to be sitting at home in front of a bulky television set at the appointed time or miss it forever. Today we have almost unlimited access to any television program of our choosing, whether we're at home or on the go with our portable tablet computers. Here are some ways to watch TV on a tablet.

Tablets are basically small flat computers controlled by a touch screen instead of a mouse and keyboard, so they are able to access television in the same way that computers do - through the websites of the TV networks. If you're able to find a wireless network while you're out looking for mortgage brokers or if you have internet access through a 3G or 4G cell phone network, you can stream stored episodes of television shows that are posted on the network websites for free, or at least without cost over and above what your internet access costs, because these episodes are hosted through ads.

There are several limitations with this method of television watching. Firstly, it will only work in an area where there is an accessible wifi network (i.e. a public network or one where you know the password) or if there's data capability on the local cell phone network. This limits you to watching TV with your tablet at home, in your office, and in public access areas like schools and libraries. Additionally, you would only have access to shows that have already aired and have been chosen to be included online by the network.

Luckily there is a second method of watching TV on your tablet - a live feed from the networks themselves. This will allow you to keep an eye on the hockey game while looking at condos for sale or to tune into the news while on the bus. This is accomplished by downloading an app onto your tablet from your TV provider and accessing their feeds over the company's cellular phone network, which means you can only watch TV if you are within your network coverage area.

Tablet TV is not free. To watch live TV while waiting for the shop to finish with your car will cost about $5 per month to add to your current cell phone, internet, or telephone package, but comes with limited access, usually to the tune of about 10 hours per month. Several companies in North America, such as Comcast, Rogers, and Bell have mobile TV packages available for owners of tablets and smart phones.

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