Everyday there's a little boy or girl out there not focusing on the lesson of the day in their school classroom because they're busy daydreaming about living a Hollywood lifestyle. It doesn't matter if they're dreaming about one day growing up to be an actor, director or writer, many kids grow up wanting a career in film or television.

The thing is that they don't have to go to Hollywood to achieve their movie stardom dreams, it can be done right here in the comfort of their Toronto condominiums. With the magic of a creative mind and the right props and equipment you can turn any location into a movie set where you can make your own homemade movies. Just go out and find whatever you have access to such as community resources and materials.

You also don't really need really expensive filming equipment to bring your ideas to the big or small screen. The rapid technological advancements in our lives have made digital camcorders very affordable and accessible. Find locations with natural light and that are quiet and you won't even have to buy sound or lighting equipment.

The next step is to start scouting potential locations that you know you can use and that would fit your story. Ask your dentist if they use film for xrays. Ask your parents if you can film in the basement of the house. You can also film in parks or the backyard of your home if you can't find any locations or people who'll allow you to film on their premises.

The key is to just go out and shoot. Don't let anyone deny you of your dreams. If you want to act then go out and act. If you want to write then start putting down those words in your head on paper. If you want to direct then start practicing how you're going to say, "cut", "action", and "quiet on set." You can pretty much turn anything into a set, even a taxi, if that's what your story calls for. As long as you let your imagination go wild there will always be stories to tell. All you have to do is go out and make your own movies!

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