It used to be that the only way to experience a movie was to leave your home and head out to the local movie Cineplex. Nobody wanted to wait months for a movie to come out on VHS or laser disc before seeing it. By then their friends, family members and co-workers would have seen it and wouldn't be too interested in talking about a movie that was months old.

If you wanted to be a part of the discussion you had to see the movie when it was released on the big screen. That's no longer the case. People are so busy with their everyday lives and have so many entertainment options to choose from that going out to the movies is no longer the most popular thing to do on a Friday night. There are many people who leave their office after work who don't even consider going to the movies as an option.

Why would they when they can download, stream or order a pay per view movie whenever they want? Pay per view movies are an excellent way to enjoy your favorite movies in the convenience of your own home. Someone who spends the whole day driving around in industrial vehicles as part of their job probably comes home beat and too tired to go out to the movies.

They would rather stay in and get some rest and be ready for work the next day or prepare their family plans for hitting the beach up during a Saturday afternoon. If they have any interest whatsoever in watching a movie the option of renting a pay per view flick on their cable box or satellite dish receiver is much more appealing then having to go to the theater. At the theater they have to pay for the movie ticket, parking and any snacks.

At home all they have to do is pay the small fee that comes with renting the pay per view movie. They already have food to munch on in the house that they don't have to pay an extra fee for and there isn't any hassle in having to find a parking spot as they're already parked in front of the television screen. Plus there's the advantage of being able to pause the movie whenever they want and not having to worry about being annoyed by people texting on their phone throughout the movie.

Pay per views will continue to take a dent out of the profits of movie theaters for a long time coming.

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