There's a reason why file sharing has become so popular over recent years and it has everything to do with how easy it makes watching your favorite movies or TV shows or listening to your favorite music. Before it used to be that if you wanted to see the newest Hollywood blockbuster film you would have to leave the comfort of your home and make the trek down to the local Cineplex. With file sharing that's no longer the only option, as you can download any movie you want to see and watch it in your home! How great is that?

The same thing can be said about television. Before the rise of file sharing or the advent of PVRs the only way to watch TV shows was by plumping yourself on the couch in front of the TV set in your home and be glued to it during the entirety of the episode. With file sharing you no longer have to worry about that, as you can just download whatever show you missed and watch it whenever you want, either at home or while waiting for an appointment.

Music is the same way too! You don't have to go into a dingy old record store to get your hands on the latest released from Taylor Swift or The Hold Steady. If you know there's a new album coming out that you want to listen to just go to your most used file sharing site and download it directly onto your computer and add it to your iTunes music library. Not to mention you can always search for albums that are missing from your music collection catalog and download those too.

With the high number of people in today's day and age always away from home and spending more time in the office file sharing has become a godsend! No longer are you a slave to the clock and have to rush home to watch your most cherished TV show or race to the movie theater after you get off work from your gig in order to catch a showing of the new hit movie of the week.

File sharing has made it possible to watch or listen to or even read (read!) whatever we want, wherever we want, wherever we want, be it at home, at the beach, at work, or at the library while waiting to meet with professional bar tutors. The number of file sharing services available to us is endless and you should be able to find what you're looking for with ease, whether it's a picture e-book on canvas prints from digital photos or the newest David O. Russell film.

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