If you fancy yourself an amateur filmmaker and film everything from birthday parties to board meetings to anniversaries to Christmas parties to your daughter's soccer games then you probably have a stack of VHS tapes and DVDs littered all over your home. If you're unsure of what to do with those home video recordings once you've taken them out of your camera you might want to consider editing them into your own little home movies.

There's no point in making your own little family recordings if all you're going to do is put the videos you recorded into a box and forget about them until one day you find them as you're cleaning up your home because you've put up your new plans to build a condo or even manufacture sewage pump part contracts. That would just be a waste of your talents and precious memories. What you need to be doing is getting yourself some editing software and turning all those hours of footage into something you can show your friends, co-workers and family members.

There's a lot you can do with the simplest of editing software that will help you turn those wind-filled noisy and shaky screen videos you take into something that resembles an independent Hollywood production. Some computers come with their own software such as Apple computers and the iMovie software. If you do have editing software on your computer then open it up and start playing around with it so that you can learn the basics before diving right into the editing process.

If your computer doesn't come with pre-installed editing software or you don't like the editing software that is pre-installed then just head on down to the nearest electronics shop and talk to one of the sales representative. Tell them what you want to do with your home movies and they'll help you find the editing software that is right for you. No matter how basic or advanced your editing skills are there's a piece of editing software that is just right for you.

Whether you want to edit together your own family movie or dental advertising commercial all you need is a computer, editing software and your creativity. The rest will come together once you start uploading all those videos onto your computer. Who knows what the final product will be but you might make a movie so impressive that your Remax Georgian Bay agent will ask you to film and edit a commercial for them, which could then lead you to a surprising career in the world of film making. How cool would that be? You'll never know though unless you go and pick yourself up some editing software.

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