There are so many websites out there dedicated to hilarious auto-corrected texts that you could probably write a whole book about them. There's just something funny about reading a text you sent to your friend waiting at the office for you that was supposed to say something like "looking for a parking spot" but ends up being auto-corrected to say "looking for a pain spot." What's a pain spot and how does one find such a thing?

With auto-correction being such a widespread problem among texters who don't want to be misunderstood when texting with others from their property you can see why many users decide to turn off the auto-correct feature in their phones. Really, unless you want to keep being misunderstood by your phone, which then leads to those you're texting with to misunderstand your texts, you don't have much of an option.

When it comes to turning off your phone's auto-correct feature you need to decide what's more important: having all your misspelled words automatically corrected or not having to deal with the hassle of certain words like food thermometer auto-corrected for you that don't need to be auto-corrected? One feature makes your life a whole lot easier when it comes to texting while the other makes it a lot stressful, albeit funnier.

You can always turn off the auto-correct feature and then turn it back on if you miss having your incorrectly spelled words fixed for you by your phone. If you're confident in your spelling abilities then you don't really need auto-correct on your phone turned on and it only becomes a nice but not must have phone feature. It's almost like getting an oil change. Do you need to get the fancy extra bells and whistles when it comes to getting your car's oil changed?

Is the money you spend for that feature worth it or should you just stick to the oil change? There's nothing wrong with either scenario and that's just the way it is with auto-correct. On your phone, auto-correct is worth having turned on but you won't lose out on much if you turn it off, just like saying no to tire rotations when getting an oil change. If you do stick it out with auto-correct you'll probably get a lot of laughs out of reading texts that were supposed to say something like very nice condos being turned into vanity concerts.

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